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Fire Hose Coupling Hanging Bottle Opener
Back of Fire Hose Coupling Bottle Opener

Firefighter Gift: Hanging Bottle Opener: Fire Hose Coupling S5

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Faded yellow male fire hose coupling bottle opener.

Our hanging fire hose coupling bottle openers are 100% unique which means you get to pick the exact bottle opener you will get in your home based on our current inventory.

If you don't see what you want, simply ask, we can try to find something that is just perfect. We have lots and lots of hose that we will make into bottle openers over the coming months. 

Bottle Opener Backs

Our bottle opener backs are either burnt and stained with a light stain.  The backs are 18in tall by 5.5in wide. Bottle openers come with a hanging piece on the back and another to attach to your wall. Simply slide the bottle opener into your securely mounted back piece.   


The weight of each bottle opener varies between 2.5-3.3 pounds. 

Please allow 1-3  days for orders to be processed.